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The World's Most Exciting Entertainment!!!

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Only when you're serious about adventure can you experience the world of Photon

So much more than any game, Photon is a high adventure sport that makes your heart beat faster and your lungs breathe deeper.   Not only do you play the game, you are the game!

No other form of entertainment comes close to matching the adrenaline you'll feel during a game of Photon.

Maneuvering through corridors, blasting away at other human targets who are out to get you, Photon takes you beyond the limit of human endurance. But Photon is more than just an individual tag game, it's a team sport that requires strategy and teamwork if you are to survive. Take yourself and your group to the extreme! Experience thrills and adventures never before possible outside of a silver screen. Experience for yourself the sport of the future...NOW!!!

  Let the light shine!


Everyone playing Photon must be a minimum of 7 years old AND at least 47 inches tall.
Minimum requirements will be strictly enforced.